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19 | he/him | assorted fanart + originals steeped in sentimentality

Inktober Day 16: Wild

ah here it is. that fence. gave me. blisters. but it was SO worth it because look at this. whoops looks like i spilled my entire aesthetic. what can you do? (appreciate the fence, thats what you can do)

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. In the dead of night, in a city of sparkling skyscrapers, a figure in a fedora and a tattered coat vaults over a chain link fence. In the bottom left corner, a person stands agape pointing a flashlight at the entity. The light reveals their tapetum lucidum. End ID.]

ride home

epic chrismas w your weird grandpa

at this point reading hogfather has become some sort of holiday tradition for me. i just love these two so much. merry christmas 🎄🎇

[ID: A drawing of Death and Susan riding Death's white horse Binky through the starry blue night sky. Death is a grim reaper with glowing blue eyesockets and Susan is a woman in grey with a black streak in her white hair. She holds on to him tight, her eyes closed peacefully. End ID.]

Inktober Day 15: Legend

i have never driven to the woods and pitched a tent and told scary stories around a fire. so whatever yarn guy on the left is spinning here is probably about as fantastical as my perception of the rituals involved in a "camp"

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. In a forest clearing, two figures sit on logs, on opposite sides of a campfire. One tells the other an engrossing story. Behind rows of cartoon pine trees, the sun is rising or setting. End ID.]

Inktober Day 14: Overgrown

this looks... so good. and like it took me ages, but it didnt. hardest part was the dirt texture on the left, tbh. so im a big fan. i promise this is the last morbid one, i was In A Mood that week

[ID: An ink drawing. In the foreground are three graves. The one on the left looks fresh, while the one on the right is covered in well-groomed grass. Red roses have been left on both of them. But the one in the middle is full of unruly weeds. Vines wrap around the gravestone, obscuring its nameplate, and wild dandelions are scattered throughout.

In the background, rows and rows of graves fade into the distance. Above the pitch black sky is a blanket of storm clouds. End ID.]

Inktober Day 13: Ash-tray

skull and a candle dude. its the naked lady of still lifes (and yes, thats the correct plural). but oh wait, something else is going onnn!!!

i dont know if i nailed the shadows but its not like there are a lot of references for... this. rlly proud of the skull though. its a mighty complicated object

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. A greasy candle on a plate and an overflowing ashtray shaped like a skull sit atop a wooden surface. Around them is draped a curtain, which has caught on fire, starkly illuminating the whole scene. End ID.]

Inktober Day 11: Snow

i dont trust snow bc it can look beautifully pristine but then a little bit melts off and Things start coming to the surface

anyway look at those mountains. its almost like im there

[ID: An ink drawing of a snowy landscape. In the foreground, on top of a cliff is the bloody red imprint of a sprawled body. In the background, thin long clouds weave between the sharp peaks of snowcapped mountains. End ID.]

Inktober Day 12: Dragon

maybe i shouldve gone with a scratchy or näif sort of style to better communicate that its a storybook. oh well i had fun with the medieval-y typography

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. A hand rests on the page of a storybook. To the right is an illustration of an archetypal knight in plate armor. He keeps the jaws of a dragon with flaming eyes from closing in on him with his hands and feet. To the left is several lines of text in a large gothic font, from which only some words are recognizable, such as "his", "such" and "tried". End ID.]

Inktober Day 10: Pattern

this one was gonna be a doozy no matter what bc its so difficult for me to draw repetitive/consistent things without suffering a horrible fit of boredom, which is a real problem if youre into comics?? so i might as well make it simple and cute

[ID:A black and white comic made with ink. Four rows of four panels all depict the same scene: two simplified black silhouettes having a short exchange. One person says "Hello", to which the other replies "Hello". The first person asks "Ok?" and the second responds "Ok".

However, the gutters between panels are filled with words. From left to right, the vertical gutters read: "I want you to know how much you", "mean to me / How much you light", and "up my life with your smile..." The text in the horizontal gutters is upside down. From top to bottom, it reads: "Vertigo Zest Yen Eager Longings", "Trepidation Anxiety Restless", and "Maniac Ecstasy Breathless Love me". End ID.]

Inktober Day 9: Swing

it was so hard to fill in all those floorboards but so worth it bc it looks gorgeous. i love how this one turned out exactly how i imagined it. like it exists now. in the real world. wow

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. The scene is viewed from above. Near the center of the picture is a gramophone on its stand. In each corner except for the top-left one, there is a round table with a long white linen. The dark hardwood flooring is covered in white footprints left behind by two pairs of dress shoes, roughly circling the gramophone. End ID.]

Inktober Day 8: Fragile

i spent over an hour brainstorming some really highfalutin ideas that would incorporate disintegration. and then this happened

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. Two featureless people with rubber hose limbs face each other. One wields a speech bubble from the tail like a mallet. The bubble, which reads "HI" in big bold letters, is smashed into the other person's head, shattering it like porcelain. End ID.]

Inktober Day 7: Enchanted

this is what it feels like to wander around the outskirts of zagreb on a summer night

[ID: An ink drawing. Along the green forest floor, between rows of black pine trees, a trail of stepping stones crosses paths with a small, erratic white stream. The whole picture is distorted into a spiral. At its center is a distant view of the bright full moon in a patch of dark green sky. End ID.]

Inktober Day 6: Husky

oh damn two whole colors?? i was getting too excited so i had to chill out with the next few.

ridiculous how this exact image came into my head when i read the prompt. ok not exactly. at first i wanted to show the bottom caller’s knees buckling, but it didnt fit in the frame. but now you know anyway

[ID: An ink drawing. The picture is split diagonally to convey a phone call. The top scene is monochrome red, while the bottom scene is monochrome green.

The top caller wears a fur-trimmed robe and their eyes are obscured by stark shadows. A cigarette hangs out of their glossy lips, which are curved into an open-mouthed smile. They hold a red handset with their little finger raised.

The bottom caller is in a phone booth. They wear a black hat and coat and lean against one of the barred windows. On the outside, the glass is plastered with advertisements. End ID.]

Inktober Day 5: Build

more red on black and white, more challenging stuff, this time it’s anatomy. and imagery straight from my dreams.

yeah. yeah i’m proud of this one. i mean, theyre all intensely personal in more or less convoluted ways. but here i ended up going... straight up confessional

[ID: An ink drawing. Five hairless, muscular nude figures pose dramatically on an ethereal plane. Translucent clouds revolve around them, framing them. Four faces are turned away or concealed in the mass of flesh, while the central figure, which kneels towards the viewer, is headless. Instead, from their neck sprouts a bouquet of red roses whose petals scatter over the bodies. End ID.]

Inktober Day 4: Bait

first taste of the whole "single splash of red among black and white" thing. i really like how it looks. also get a load of that brick texture

[ID: An ink drawing. The scene is viewed from a first-person perspective. A person sits on a wooden bench, on dilapidated paved ground. On their lap is a gift box with a large red ribbon. They hold a note that reads: “I’M SORRY”. End ID.]

Inktober Day 3: Freeze

look at this. i drew that gun from reference. love using that effect with the fine lines for shiny metal. and more of a texture on the handle.

yes im going through a film noir phase rn

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. A hand digs the barrel of a revolver into the torso of a figure wearing a black trenchcoat. End ID.]

Inktober Day 2: Mindless

youve heard of procastinating on making art now get ready for procastinating on posting art thats been long finished, for some reason?? but i finally took photos of everything so. guess ill be putting up a couple at a time or sth.

anyway, this one. i like it. simple style for a simple idea. also im learning how to hatch.

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. A headless person rests on their bed. Hanging from a coat rack are their hat, coat and featureless head. On the wall are an abstract painting and a clean spot where there used to be another picture. End ID.]

Inktober Day 1: Ring

im doing ingk tober... its happening. pretty literal with this one, not that theres anythin wrong with that. or with a self indulgent proposal phantasy

[ID: A black and white ink drawing of a pair of black hands putting a ring on a white one. The background consists of curved radial lines, scattered stars and waves, all of which converge at the ring. End ID.]

last visit to snowdin

better late than never lol... happy 4th anniversary to the game that saved my life!!!

this is my absolute favorite line/moment that i dont see aknowledged often but for some reason rlly hit me. like it encapsulates the subtle bittersweetness of the whole story.

also text wrapping around art is so my jam

[ID: A vector drawing of Papyrus lifting Frisk into the air, who holds Papyrus’ chin gingerly. They both smile. Loosely wrapped around them is text that reads: “Don’t come here to say good-bye!! Goodbyes aren’t allowed in my town. Just See-You-Laters”. Most of the text is dark blue, in a thin playful font, but “See-You-Laters” is gold, in a fancy cursive font; the phrase rests at the bottom like a heraldic motto.

Frisk is a child with stylized yellow skin and short brown hair with bangs. They wear a long-sleeved striped shirt, shorts and boots. Papyrus is a tall cartoon skeleton. He wears a sort of superhero costume, with a billowing red ragged cape, blue underpants and red mittens.

The two figures are rendered in flat, lineless colors washed in blue. The background is light blue and dissolves into white at the bottom, providing an esoteric ribbon for the “motto”. End ID.]

gayly so

i think im getting the hang of this. can you tell that i love organic shapes!! also the first time ive drawn a couch with a proper reference. might do more interior scenes bc i have a newfound love for them.

[ID: A vector drawing of a person lounging across a couch, swooning over a love letter that spreads like an accordion from their lap all the way down to the floor.

The person is a slender black silhouette with a white wobbly closed-lip smile. One of their hands clutches a light pink pillow to their chest and the other is placed against their forehead dramatically. Above their head are lots of pink, red and orange floating hearts.

On the couch is the opened envelope and an orange pillow. To the left is an accent table with a half-empty glass of brandy on it.

The piece is rendered in flat, lineless blocks of color. The furniture is in shades of dark red, and the wall and floor are beige. End ID.]

no more clowns

*tablet breaks* guess ill just have to learn a completely new technique and set of tools. the sappies cant wait... hope you like!

[ID: A vector drawing of Dad Egbert consoling his son John after a nightmare. He sits on John’s bed and cradles him; John clings to him. Above John is a wobbly black speech bubble containing a bright purple harlequin face surrounded by splatters. It has a sinister smile, sharp teeth and an injured eye.

Dad's face is featureless except for his nose; he is all white except for his black shoes. John's face is turned away; he has black hair and wears a dark grey shirt.

The room is dark and tinted blue; the door is ajar so there is some light coming through, and the moon can be seen through a window. The whole piece is rendered in flat colors, with very little shading. The two characters have thick black outlines, while the background is lineless. End ID.]

i regret nothing


[ID: A digital drawing of the website as a person. They stand in a relaxed pose, smiling and adjusting the strap of a black messenger bag with both hands. The bag is full of art supplies and there are two pins on its flap. They have light brown skin with surfwear tan lines and shiny, shoulder-length straight cyan hair that evokes the waterfall symbol in the site’s logo. Their nails and toenails are painted cyan.

They wear a white Hawaiian shirt with cyan and black geometric patterns, cyan booty shorts with white details, a cropped blazer and sandals. The blazer and sandals have the same wavy vertical gradient from light to dark blue which resembles the background of the site’s logo. They also wear aviator sunglasses, a bottom lip piercing, a tattoo choker and a necklace. There is a rainbow bandana bracelet on their right wrist, a ball hair tie on the left one and several anklets on their left ankle, one of which is made from seashells.

Above the person, the text “Waterfall D. Social” is displayed in a cartoony font, in white and cyan. The background is a vertical gradient from dark blue to white. End ID.]