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whole gangs here

do not separate them!!!

(ok so what you need to know is that they're all childhood friends and they've been through a lot but now everything's ok but the redhead is kinda sad and he needs extra love)

[ID: A digital drawing of four people at the top of a dilapidated outdoor stone stairway (a "Stairway to Heaven" ) on a sunny day. To the left, Lara and Stakh stand together looking off into the distance. Lara adjusts her headscarf while Stakh's hand rests on her back. To the right, Artemy and Grief sit together on the edge of the structure. Artemy has an arm around Grief's neck and kisses his temple. End ID.]

this one goes out to the like 2 other ppl who care about pathologic in here. hi. have a spicy homegrown meme

[ID: Digital fanart of the Pathologic protagonists reenacting the "woman yelling at cat" meme. Panel one: Bachelor yells and points an accusatory finger at someone off-panel. Haruspex puts an arm around him, looking weary. Panel two: the Changeling sits behind a dinner plate with a bewildered look on her face. End ID.]

healer gang

i rlly like these guys... thats the caption

[ID: A digital drawing. The Bachelor, the Haruspex and the Changeling from Pathologic stand together, bathed in a sickly green light. Each of them shows their respective healing tools: a medical bag, a scalpel and bare miracle hands. The background is a faint, blurry pattern of screaming faces. End ID.]