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Inktober Day 29: Injured

return of the guns... i just obsess over things and dont let go huh

[ID: An ink drawing. A figure violently recoils from a gunshot to the shoulder, blood springing from their wound. On the bottom left corner is the assailant's revolver. The black silhouettes of victim and weapon and the bright red blood are in stark contrast against white. End ID.]

Inktober Day 18: Misfit

i couldve used a ruler to get the point across more strongly. but one of my rules (ha) was no rulers, bc then everything takes forever. plus im just averse to ruler usage in general. because of math class. tricky hangout to have when you want to make comics

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. The scene is broken up into rigid shapes with straight angles. On the table of a vanity is a cloth stained with a full face of makeup. The mirror is broken. To the left, a person sits hunched over, their face obscured by long hair. They wear a backless sequin dress and high heels. Their feet are bleeding. End ID.]

Inktober Day 11: Snow

i dont trust snow bc it can look beautifully pristine but then a little bit melts off and Things start coming to the surface

anyway look at those mountains. its almost like im there

[ID: An ink drawing of a snowy landscape. In the foreground, on top of a cliff is the bloody red imprint of a sprawled body. In the background, thin long clouds weave between the sharp peaks of snowcapped mountains. End ID.]