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sib from another crib! oh yeah!!!

(ok so the thing is they're lonely orphans but then so many crazy things happen and they get adopted so now they're adopted siblings and they love each other)

[ID: Digital art of Sticky and Murky from Pathologic 2. These are the most prominent drawings: 1: Sticky merrily kicks a can down the road with his hands in his pockets. 2: Murky kneels and picks steppe herbs. 3: Sticky and Murky stick out their tongues at each other. 4: Both kids sit on the floor with their backs against each other, sleeping. End ID.]

whole gangs here

do not separate them!!!

(ok so what you need to know is that they're all childhood friends and they've been through a lot but now everything's ok but the redhead is kinda sad and he needs extra love)

[ID: A digital drawing of four people at the top of a dilapidated outdoor stone stairway (a "Stairway to Heaven" ) on a sunny day. To the left, Lara and Stakh stand together looking off into the distance. Lara adjusts her headscarf while Stakh's hand rests on her back. To the right, Artemy and Grief sit together on the edge of the structure. Artemy has an arm around Grief's neck and kisses his temple. End ID.]

this one goes out to the like 2 other ppl who care about pathologic in here. hi. have a spicy homegrown meme

[ID: Digital fanart of the Pathologic protagonists reenacting the "woman yelling at cat" meme. Panel one: Bachelor yells and points an accusatory finger at someone off-panel. Haruspex puts an arm around him, looking weary. Panel two: the Changeling sits behind a dinner plate with a bewildered look on her face. End ID.]


[ID: Six of the same transparent animated GIF. A tragedian from Pathologic bounces up and down where they stand. They wear a black skintight bodysuit and a white mask with a minimalistic face. End ID.]


i love this outfit

[ID: A digitally colored ink drawing. A model in a colorful rain outfit sits on a grey park bench. They wear a violet raincoat, dark blue jeans, pink boots with violet laces and pink tinted glasses. On one hand they hold a small rainbow umbrella. End ID.]

healer gang

i rlly like these guys... thats the caption

[ID: A digital drawing. The Bachelor, the Haruspex and the Changeling from Pathologic stand together, bathed in a sickly green light. Each of them shows their respective healing tools: a medical bag, a scalpel and bare miracle hands. The background is a faint, blurry pattern of screaming faces. End ID.]

Tragedian sketchdump

this little man has interpretive danced right into my heart

[ID: Pencil sketches of the Tragedian from Pathologic contorted into various theatrical and gymnastic poses. He is unnaturally thin, and wears a mask and a skintight body suit. End ID.]

ride home

epic chrismas w your weird grandpa

at this point reading hogfather has become some sort of holiday tradition for me. i just love these two so much. merry christmas 🎄🎇

[ID: A drawing of Death and Susan riding Death's white horse Binky through the starry blue night sky. Death is a grim reaper with glowing blue eyesockets and Susan is a woman in grey with a black streak in her white hair. She holds on to him tight, her eyes closed peacefully. End ID.]

last visit to snowdin

better late than never lol... happy 4th anniversary to the game that saved my life!!!

this is my absolute favorite line/moment that i dont see aknowledged often but for some reason rlly hit me. like it encapsulates the subtle bittersweetness of the whole story.

also text wrapping around art is so my jam

[ID: A vector drawing of Papyrus lifting Frisk into the air, who holds Papyrus’ chin gingerly. They both smile. Loosely wrapped around them is text that reads: “Don’t come here to say good-bye!! Goodbyes aren’t allowed in my town. Just See-You-Laters”. Most of the text is dark blue, in a thin playful font, but “See-You-Laters” is gold, in a fancy cursive font; the phrase rests at the bottom like a heraldic motto.

Frisk is a child with stylized yellow skin and short brown hair with bangs. They wear a long-sleeved striped shirt, shorts and boots. Papyrus is a tall cartoon skeleton. He wears a sort of superhero costume, with a billowing red ragged cape, blue underpants and red mittens.

The two figures are rendered in flat, lineless colors washed in blue. The background is light blue and dissolves into white at the bottom, providing an esoteric ribbon for the “motto”. End ID.]

no more clowns

*tablet breaks* guess ill just have to learn a completely new technique and set of tools. the sappies cant wait... hope you like!

[ID: A vector drawing of Dad Egbert consoling his son John after a nightmare. He sits on John’s bed and cradles him; John clings to him. Above John is a wobbly black speech bubble containing a bright purple harlequin face surrounded by splatters. It has a sinister smile, sharp teeth and an injured eye.

Dad's face is featureless except for his nose; he is all white except for his black shoes. John's face is turned away; he has black hair and wears a dark grey shirt.

The room is dark and tinted blue; the door is ajar so there is some light coming through, and the moon can be seen through a window. The whole piece is rendered in flat colors, with very little shading. The two characters have thick black outlines, while the background is lineless. End ID.]

i regret nothing


[ID: A digital drawing of the website as a person. They stand in a relaxed pose, smiling and adjusting the strap of a black messenger bag with both hands. The bag is full of art supplies and there are two pins on its flap. They have light brown skin with surfwear tan lines and shiny, shoulder-length straight cyan hair that evokes the waterfall symbol in the site’s logo. Their nails and toenails are painted cyan.

They wear a white Hawaiian shirt with cyan and black geometric patterns, cyan booty shorts with white details, a cropped blazer and sandals. The blazer and sandals have the same wavy vertical gradient from light to dark blue which resembles the background of the site’s logo. They also wear aviator sunglasses, a bottom lip piercing, a tattoo choker and a necklace. There is a rainbow bandana bracelet on their right wrist, a ball hair tie on the left one and several anklets on their left ankle, one of which is made from seashells.

Above the person, the text “Waterfall D. Social” is displayed in a cartoony font, in white and cyan. The background is a vertical gradient from dark blue to white. End ID.]