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Inktober Day 31: Ripe

thought itd be cool to celebrate the realizations that im the ultimate object of my own desire and affection and that so much of what i make is a mirror facing a mirror to relieve the phantom pain that tears thru my body at irregular intervals. anyway my hairs not this long yet but its important for me to think abt the future as a certainty. no i dont feel like being straightforward. deal with it

[ID: A black and white self-portrait made with ink. A shirtless young man lies on his side in bed. He smiles softly, gazing directly at the viewer with half-lidded eyes. End ID.]

Inktober Day 30: Catch

oh my god what if... youve been holding on to those words all night of all nights... and when you finally work up the courage.. youre overcome with a terrible faintness and then... i snatch the confession from your whispering LIPS-

(i only remembered how bricks worked when it was too late, ok)

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. On an aged street corner labelled "Rue de Beau", two lovers kiss under the lamplight. One kneels on the sidewalk, holding the other in his arms, who lies limply. End ID.]

Inktober Day 20: Tread

i fell asleep while trying to decide what to do with the stairs and then it was the next day so i guess fate decided its just, nothing. literally just stairs

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. Two black silhouettes tiptoe upstairs. End ID.]

Inktober Day 9: Swing

it was so hard to fill in all those floorboards but so worth it bc it looks gorgeous. i love how this one turned out exactly how i imagined it. like it exists now. in the real world. wow

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. The scene is viewed from above. Near the center of the picture is a gramophone on its stand. In each corner except for the top-left one, there is a round table with a long white linen. The dark hardwood flooring is covered in white footprints left behind by two pairs of dress shoes, roughly circling the gramophone. End ID.]

Inktober Day 6: Husky

oh damn two whole colors?? i was getting too excited so i had to chill out with the next few.

ridiculous how this exact image came into my head when i read the prompt. ok not exactly. at first i wanted to show the bottom caller’s knees buckling, but it didnt fit in the frame. but now you know anyway

[ID: An ink drawing. The picture is split diagonally to convey a phone call. The top scene is monochrome red, while the bottom scene is monochrome green.

The top caller wears a fur-trimmed robe and their eyes are obscured by stark shadows. A cigarette hangs out of their glossy lips, which are curved into an open-mouthed smile. They hold a red handset with their little finger raised.

The bottom caller is in a phone booth. They wear a black hat and coat and lean against one of the barred windows. On the outside, the glass is plastered with advertisements. End ID.]

Inktober Day 5: Build

more red on black and white, more challenging stuff, this time it’s anatomy. and imagery straight from my dreams.

yeah. yeah i’m proud of this one. i mean, theyre all intensely personal in more or less convoluted ways. but here i ended up going... straight up confessional

[ID: An ink drawing. Five hairless, muscular nude figures pose dramatically on an ethereal plane. Translucent clouds revolve around them, framing them. Four faces are turned away or concealed in the mass of flesh, while the central figure, which kneels towards the viewer, is headless. Instead, from their neck sprouts a bouquet of red roses whose petals scatter over the bodies. End ID.]

gayly so

i think im getting the hang of this. can you tell that i love organic shapes!! also the first time ive drawn a couch with a proper reference. might do more interior scenes bc i have a newfound love for them.

[ID: A vector drawing of a person lounging across a couch, swooning over a love letter that spreads like an accordion from their lap all the way down to the floor.

The person is a slender black silhouette with a white wobbly closed-lip smile. One of their hands clutches a light pink pillow to their chest and the other is placed against their forehead dramatically. Above their head are lots of pink, red and orange floating hearts.

On the couch is the opened envelope and an orange pillow. To the left is an accent table with a half-empty glass of brandy on it.

The piece is rendered in flat, lineless blocks of color. The furniture is in shades of dark red, and the wall and floor are beige. End ID.]