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ride home

epic chrismas w your weird grandpa

at this point reading hogfather has become some sort of holiday tradition for me. i just love these two so much. merry christmas 🎄🎇

[ID: A drawing of Death and Susan riding Death's white horse Binky through the starry blue night sky. Death is a grim reaper with glowing blue eyesockets and Susan is a woman in grey with a black streak in her white hair. She holds on to him tight, her eyes closed peacefully. End ID.]

Inktober Day 26: Dark

everything they tell you about the nightsky in the country is true

this one also gave me blisters! worse ones! but by god its gorgeous

[ID: A black and white ink drawing. It is night in the countryside. The Milky Way spreads across the glittering nightsky and the full moon illuminates an aged stone road. In the horizon are a couple of silhouetted acacias. End ID.]