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Inktober Day 31: Ripe

thought itd be cool to celebrate the realizations that im the ultimate object of my own desire and affection and that so much of what i make is a mirror facing a mirror to relieve the phantom pain that tears thru my body at irregular intervals. anyway my hairs not this long yet but its important for me to think abt the future as a certainty. no i dont feel like being straightforward. deal with it

[ID: A black and white self-portrait made with ink. A shirtless young man lies on his side in bed. He smiles softly, gazing directly at the viewer with half-lidded eyes. End ID.]

Inktober Day 5: Build

more red on black and white, more challenging stuff, this time it’s anatomy. and imagery straight from my dreams.

yeah. yeah i’m proud of this one. i mean, theyre all intensely personal in more or less convoluted ways. but here i ended up going... straight up confessional

[ID: An ink drawing. Five hairless, muscular nude figures pose dramatically on an ethereal plane. Translucent clouds revolve around them, framing them. Four faces are turned away or concealed in the mass of flesh, while the central figure, which kneels towards the viewer, is headless. Instead, from their neck sprouts a bouquet of red roses whose petals scatter over the bodies. End ID.]